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Creating an identity for your brand is not achieved by printing your logo on a bunch of pens and pencils in the hope that someone will notice you and throw money your way. The best brands are those that have a cohesive identity with logos applied across the entirety of a company's material, both on and offline. However, the logo is just one aspect of creating a successful brand identity.

We can help you create an effective and memorable brand identity.

Marching on together

Individuality counts, but teamwork dynamites.

Branding matters because in today's digital age, your prospects and customers play a significant role in the identity of your brand. Developing and implementing a branding strategy can be difficult if you don't have the experience or time; this is where we come in. Working together, we can create promotional materials and marketing strategies that will help build your sales and, ultimately, your brand.

Logo Design

Ideas are the lifeblood of R&K, the ability to discover a great idea and turn it into something that really works for your business is our goal. We're not about finding a diamond in the rough; we'll craft one and polish it up for the world to see.

Understanding your target audience is the first thing we'll work on with you, well before we start with the design process of crafting a logo. There's no bigger mistake when creating a company than getting your target market wrong and sending the wrong message to potential buyers.

Once we've worked together to create a brand transformation even Optimus Prime would be proud of, we can move on to Web Design & Development and Online Marketing services.



What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. Also called paid search and CPC (cost-per-click), advertisers pay a specific amount each time a user clicks one of their adverts.

Adverts can be placed on websites (e.g. blogs) or search engines. The world’s biggest search engine, Google, uses the PPC advertising model (known as ‘Google AdWords’) with paid links appearing at the top and right-hand side of search results. Bing, a competitor to Google, calls its PPC offering ‘Bing Ads’.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, PPC can reach visitors who have already expressed an interest in a particular product or service by clicking on a specific advertisement.

At R&K, we provide expertly managed and optimised PPC campaigns to numerous happy clients. To add your name to our list of successes, click here to get in touch.

What are the benefits?

Maximising your coverage online is essential for growth, and PPC can help with this. See below for five reasons why you should consider a PPC marketing campaign with R&K:

Speed of setup: we can have your ads launched almost immediately, bringing in new traffic and leads to your website.

Targeted traffic: using different adverts for specific keywords and demographics can improve the quality of the traffic to your website. Adverts can be scheduled to run at certain times and in different geographical regions.

Global reach: traffic to your website will increase, expanding your company’s visibility and providing a platform for you to become a leader in your industry.

Return on investment (ROI): because you only pay for PPC ads when they are clicked on, it’s a great (and easy) way to manage your expenditure, track conversions and ultimately determine your ROI.

Testing: if you’re thinking about starting a full-scale optimisation campaign, then mistakes are unacceptable. However, through testing keywords with PPC advertising you’ll be able to determine which phrases are worthwhile and which aren’t. You can also divert traffic to particular pages on your site, allowing you to see which pages convert the best.

Paid advertisements are a great way to bring in new traffic to your website. However, you should always be looking to convert these visitors into customers through nurturing and developing a lasting relationship with them. How? Creating relevant content for the pages they land on (landing pages) is one way to improve your bounce rate, but there are many more strategies that will ensure the money spent on PPC is not wasted.

To learn more about pay-per-click advertising and to see how R&K can help your business, click here.


Content Services

We're passionate about content

Without it, where would we be? A website without content is like an ocean without water. The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' may be true in some instances, but when it comes to a company's online presence it's imperative that your site sells itself to your target audience with a combination of beautiful, functional design and simple, quality copywriting.

Content that sells

Writing content for your website can be tricky, especially if you don't have the experience or expertise to produce copy that will reach out to your visitors. Every single website is 'selling' something; even those that don't offer a product or service are selling ideas in the hope of attracting new visitors.

The key to producing 'killer copy' is grabbing the attention of the reader and keeping it for as long as you possibly can. But how? It may be an attention-grabbing headline and the promise of a benefit once the reader completes a proposed action, or perhaps your copy is written in a simple way that captures the trust of the reader. Rather than just describing your products or services at length, explaining to readers how they can satisfy a desire or solve a problem can be an effective way of converting a visitor into a customer.

At R&K, we're experts at producing content that attracts the search engines and engages the reader. We're experienced in everything relating to copywriting, especially Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so whether you require the full package of design and content, or just the content, we're here to help.

See below for some of the content services we provide. (If the service you require isn't listed, get in touch!):

Website Copy

The phrase 'Content is King' is popular for a reason; without quality content, a beautifully designed website isn't worth the code it's written in! Our website copy can be written with both the search engines and the user in mind or, if required, we can concentrate solely on the user.

SEO Articles & Press Releases

It's all well and good having a beautifully designed website with top notch content, but if you're not promoting it you'll struggle to see the visitor numbers reach the level required to make a real success of your online venture! This is where SEO articles and press releases come into play. Ranging from 300 to 600 words in length, our articles are written, usually in conjunction with an SEO campaign, to help raise awareness and build links to your site.

Blog Posts & Blog Management

Having a blog on your company website is a great way to a) interact with your visitors and b) increase the number of pages ranked by Google (and other search engines). Regular, quality content can help improve your website's rankings because it proves to search engines that your website is a source of news and constantly changing, and so worth visiting. We can produce interesting, optimised blog posts for you on an ad-hoc basis or we can take complete control of your blog, writing and uploading the posts for you. The choice is yours!

Content Maintenance

If keeping on top of your website’s content is proving difficult, or if you’re simply not interested in doing so, head on over to our Content Maintenance page to discover how we can help keep your website up to date with absolutely no hassle for you.

We work offline, too!
If you need copy for an offline document, we would love to help. When thinking of our content writing services, the general rule of thumb is that if it has text, we can help you!


Responsive Web Design

Bespoke Solutions

We handcraft custom websites that really work for your brand. If there's one thing we dislike about the web industry, it's the overuse of pre-packaged website builders & templates. No two companies are the same, so why should their websites be? Whether it’s the design and development of a small brochure site or a large eCommerce solution, we can help.

With mobile and tablet technologies having such a huge impact on our ability to access the web all our websites are perfectly optimised to be used on these devices. This provides a great experience for your visitors and potential clients as well pampering to Google and other search giants.

Content Management

Giving you complete control over your site is our goal, adding and removing content. We're confident and experienced in building bespoke websites with content management options such as Expression Engine, Craft, Mura, Majento and WordPress. If required, we can work with a broader range of packaged systems.

We don't follow trends, we set them.

Our handcrafted websites are designed to:

• Provide the best possible experience for the end user

• Be visually stunning to set you apart from your competitors

• Attract organic and targeted traffic

• Convert, capture leads and ultimately SELL!

Keeping an eye on emerging technologies is something we enjoy doing and we're always happy to explain something you don't quite understand. We have completed a range of creative web design projects for a variety of clients.





Research & Planning

Your Audience

Too many agencies and designers consider the first step of the web design process as starting up their creative suite to start mocking up a "genius" design they believe will please their client. Unfortunately this couldn't be more wrong, more over creating a website from a design handed to them by a client can have an even more detrimental affect if the necessary research and planning has been neglected. After all, the project isn't for us and our shiny portfolio neither is it for you, it's for your clients.

Question Time

We're not talking about patronising BBC TV show, we start by asking questions. Lots of questions. Although we can draw on a vast amount of previous experience no two projects are the same, so why should the final solution be? Alongside our own research, we start be concentrating on three separate entities; your audience, the competition and finally your business and it's goals.

Your audience is the most important of these parties because ultimately they are where your business comes from and there's a good chance that's why you're concentrating on improving your online presence (with us!). We'll delve into all imaginably details to get a firm grasp of your clients and how like like to interact with the web, which in turn allows us to plan how we can appeal to them most effectively.

Next it's time to look at your competitors, it's unlikely you're the only company providing those goods and services and if you are congratulations! So who are they? What are they doing right/wrong online? How can we exploit their weaknesses? Can we use your USP (Unique selling point) to gain a marketing advantage over them? We love to analyse all this information.

Your Goals

Wanting to appear higher than another company in Google is not a "goal", it's a method for achieving greater things. We've encountered companies with a variety of goals and interests in the past and different mindsets across the board. Ecommerce brands with something more tangible to offer often yearn to see an increase sales, increased ROI, increase customer engagement and repeat business. Some are based around attracting new leads and spreading brand awareness and others just want to provide useful information about their business. All of these are valid reasons to have your website redesigned, if you're starting up something new check out our Startup section and see how we can get you and your new business off the ground.

Getting it right first time

You don't build a house, get it wrong because you didn't have a plan or a blueprint, tear it down and start again... It's not commercially viable to guess and the same can be said for Web Design.

"If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur..."

We love that quote here and truer words have never been spoken. With all the research done including the questions answered above it's time to start planning. Think of this like the architecture of a building. How it's going to work and how it's layout affects how people move around it. Identifying this structure gives us the ability to get started on important parts of the wire-framing like navigation.

With all these elements accounted for it's time for the fun stuff, Design. We still like to draw inspiration from many avenues, if you're in love with another design or concept we're more than happy to explore these options if they can work for your project.