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13 Jan

How is Google handling new location GLTDs

John Mueller (trends analyst at Google) has weighed in on the subject and given us an insight whether popular top level domains such as .london, .guru etc will impact search.

"New GLTDs are treated the same as traditional domains"

According to Mueller's post published on the official google webmaster blog, even having a keyword in the domain name will not give any advantage or disadvantage in search. We were interested to see what was said about geo-specific domains also and Mueller did indicate although regions and cities like .london gTLDs will be treated the same as any other at however some point down the line there maybe exceptions based on how they're used in practice.

Should I be worried my new gTLD won't rank as quickly as regular domains?

No, absolutely not. Consider the new gTLDs a fresh start. A post published on Moz on how to get gTLDs to rank faster explains this in more detail.

"New gTLDs are just that: they’re completely new. That means that there’s absolutely no history behind that domain name, which can actually be a good thing. Since there’s no history behind the domain name, and there generally isn’t going to be any links pointing to a new gTLD domain name, you’re starting fresh. Buying a new gTLD domain and immediately putting up a website on that domain name, there may be some value gained from the “QDF”, Query Deserves Freshness. I have seen brand new domain names with brand new websites rank fairly well if they’re promoted properly in the first few month"

To conclude

Focus on what's important to your site, great content on a well built platform. Results will follow...

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13 Jan

How is Google handling new location GLTDs

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