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28 Jul

The story of Rooks & Kings Ltd. - A request for non-objection

What started out as a fairly simple online procedure for getting the company up and running was soon quelled by our friends at companies house who took a tough stance on the use of prohibited words in our name. So what was so offensive?

As it turns out we hadn't directly offended anyone nor encroached on another companies identity but rather unintentionally linked ourselves to British royalty. No need to bow, this was not the angle we were going for.

Introducing the Department for Constitutional Affairs

After liaising with what could of been an automated mailbox with a distinct lack of coherent responses we were advised to seek permission from this rather dauntingly named government department to use a prohibited word in our company name. If you're bored enough to read the list of prohibited words a UK company must abide by; Royal, King(s), Queen, Prince and Princess including all variations appear on this list.
Fortunately this was a fairly painless procedure, the DCA (I'll call them now we're best of friends) were fairly reasonable with their demands, only requesting information about the all companies activities to date, my business background and life history from the last 29 years, a full business plan, location and whereabouts of everyone involved, a back story on our choice of name, an essay describing why we're not linked in any way to the royals, financial projections, my partners dogs name and how myself nor any of my team are linked to terrorist organisations.

"Having carefully considered your request, I am pleased to inform you that the Cabinet Office has no objection to your use of the name 'Rooks and Kings Ltd.'"

Huzzah! Luckily the DCA were on our side that day and we passed with flying colours. However more fun and games were still to be had... After being assured we could simply forward this correspondence on to our friends at companies house to complete our application, alas this was not the case. A paper copy of all applications, memorandums, proof of non-objection and other extremely vague business documents must be submitted, obviously at a cost. Who in their right mind would accept email correspondence in 2015 after all? This internet malarkey will never take off.

Suffice to say these documents were lost.

At this point we were advised we won't be incorporating our company anytime soon, instead a 9 week process of delays, expense, lost documents and general incompetence would ensue.

Good luck and godspeed.

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28 Jul

The story of Rooks & Kings Ltd. - A request for non-objection

This isn't the first company I've been a part of incorporating but after the birth of Rooks and Kings Ltd. it may be the last. Always read the small print and take heed.