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Business   Competition   Google   SEO  

13 Jan

How is Google handling new location GLTDs

So how is the search giant handling new location based domains (GLTDs). Will it impact SEO?

17 Aug

Competition time at VAGManchester

Buckle up! Our friends at VAGManchester.com are having an epic competition. Read on for a link and entry details!

28 Jul

The story of Rooks & Kings Ltd. - A request for non-objection

This isn't the first company I've been a part of incorporating but after the birth of Rooks and Kings Ltd. it may be the last. Always read the small print and take heed.

1. Domain Registration

Let us do all the techy bits, like purchasing your chosen domain, setting up web hosting and prepping your email addresses for action.

2. Brand Identity

We will help you create an effective and memorable brand identity. R&K will help you create an effective and memorable brand identity.

3. Web Development

We will handcraft a bespoke website catering to your business and its goals

4. Specialised Content

Creation of optimised content to ensure your business is ready to face the competition.

5. On-going SEO

Staying on top of SEO is vital if you want to be found on the major search engines. We can help you do this with our SEO packages and content plans.

6. Online Marketing

From email marketing to pay per click advertising, there are numerous opportunities to increase your company’s bottom line through the internet.

7. Performance Review

A year’s been and gone; what’s worked? What hasn’t? What new ideas can we implement to take your business to the next level? This is where the 12 month website review comes in.


Could your business benefit from our start-up expertise? Click here to get in touch with R&K today and discover why we love helping businesses on their journey to success.

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